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Resin and Epoxy and Other Industrial Cleaning

RST-5™ may be used to remove resin, paints, grease, oil and ink from a wide variety of tools and brushes as well as skin and clothing.

RST-5™ will work on most resin systems and you can even clean your hands with it.
Some example resins and epoxies proven to clean with RST-5™
Used by many of the largest lamination / GRP manufacturers in the world.

Hand Washing

RST-5™ is safe.... (TEXT) hand washing with RST-5™

A perfect degreaser

RST-5™ can also be used as a degreaser for metal parts or for cleaning industrial filter systems. It works on the same principle, but instead of sinking, the grease will float to the surface and then can be easily skimmed off and removed. RST-5™ helps to reduce chemical waste substantially, as only the resin residue must be disposed of.

Cost savings
Most of our customers report a 30% - 40% decrease in their total cleaning costs.

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