System Design

RST-5 is very easy to use, when used correctly!

It is important that the washing and waste treatment stations are properly designed and configured for each customer's premises. We cannot expect the same equipmenmt to be suitable for a 3 man operation as for a 300 man lamination plant. To ensure each customer is correctly equipped, Chymera will audit your premises and make recommendations as to the most appropriate type of equipment. Chymera have successfully installed RST-5 cleaning systems in a wide range of customer's premises and have used many different configurations:

Cleaning Stations

Waste treatment

Example Chymera Systems

fig.1 "Marmalade Pot"
fig.2 Tank
fig.3 Wash Station
fig.4 Stand Alone Trough
fig.5 Pumped and integrated filter system
fig.6 Large, multi-user trough


To quickly and easily clean and dry large "fluffy" rollers, Chymera have available a specially designed, polypropylene Spinner which can be hung on one of the PP tanks, or a simple waste container.

The roller is washed in RST-5™ and then inserted into the Spinner which uses compressed air to rapidly spin the roller, drying the sheath.

Excess waste is channelled into a collection vessel situated below the spinner.

The brush spinner quickly dries all brushes and prevents spray.

tank and spinner
fig.7 fluffy roller spinner
brush cleaner
fig.8 brush spinner

As well as promoting the leading solvent, RST-5™, Chymera can help you with replacing volatile solvents in your company with:
Every Company has its own specific set of requirements when it comes to the best cleaning station for his application.

The actual design of the best system for your needs must address:
Chymera can help with the design of the hardware required. To discuss your requirements click here.

Chymera can supply off-the-shelf hardware cleaning solutions that have been proven to successfully work in the premises of many of our customers.

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